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“Unlocking Potential: A Teen’s Guide to Leadership and Business” by Noah Benz and Dylan Popo Earns Strong Reviews

Teen Authors’ Debut Focuses on Business Basics

The groundbreaking book “Unlocking Potential: A Teen’s Guide to Leadership and Business” authored by teen co-founders of Global Community Connections Noah Benz and Dylan Popo is earning high reviews. Available on Amazon, the book focuses on business basics and celebrates the work of teen charities. The book provides invaluable guidance and inspiration to young readers eager to explore the world of business and leadership. Still high schoolers themselves, boys had a dream to publish their own book and also donate it to local libraries to make it accessible to anyone.

“Unlocking Potential: A Teen’s Guide to Leadership and Business” is a dynamic and informative book that takes readers on an empowering journey, guided by enterprising teens who share their wisdom on creating impactful businesses and the importance of business education for students everywhere. Through insightful interviews with successful leaders from diverse fields, including investments, philanthropy, technology, legal, and publishing, this book offers a treasure trove of insights and strategies for success.

Co-author Noah Benz, in reference to the book’s mission and impact, said, “My co-founder Dylan Popo and I recognized a critical gap in the education system: the lack of awareness among teens about the vast opportunities that await them after high school. Many students are unaware of potential career paths and the importance of strategic thinking for their future. This book was designed to inspire and empower students to dream big.”

Noah and Dylan are co-founders of Global Community Connections, an organization dedicated to bridging this knowledge gap. Their vision is to incorporate Business 101 Classes for teens into 11th and 12th-grade school curricula, providing inspirational stories and real-life examples.

As high schoolers themselves, they aim to inspire young people to dream big and work hard.

“Unlocking Potential: A Teen’s Guide to Leadership and Business” is a testament to the passion, dedication, and vision of young authors who are determined to make a difference in the lives of their peers. Benz and Popo are very grateful to the leaders from different fields of business who took time out of their busy schedules to help, and provided valuable information and insights. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential in the business world, and it serves as an inspiring guide for those looking to turn their dreams into reality. The duo is committed to donating 30 percent of the book’s profits to charitable causes with the organization identifying a new cause each quarter.

Noah Benz is also leading work on developing a model of a Virtual Reality educational portal, which will, among other things, enable users to do on-demand internships, travel to different libraries all over the world, and practice interviewing skills, all from the comfort of their home.


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