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Global Community Connections Provides Agape Youth and Family Center with a $500 Donation

Global Community Connections, a youth-driven initiative dedicated to empowering high school students, furthers its mission to help the next generation by providing Agape Youth and Family Center with a $500 donation. Additionally, Global Community Connections will provide resources and books for Agape’s after-school high school program, which focuses on successful graduation and post-graduation planning and placement.

“My co-founder Dylan Popo and I recognized a critical gap in the education system and the lack of resources available for students to discover, embrace, and achieve their full potential,” shares Noah Benz, Co-Founder of Global Community Connections. “Partnering with Agape Youth and Family Center aligns with our mission to inspire the next generation to dream big and make a positive impact. Agape has so many fantastic programs and resources for students on Atlanta’s west side, that this donation and partnership was the perfect match for us.”

Agape serves 200 school-age children year-round in innovative, in-school and after-school academic support programs, and 40 senior citizens providing a vibrant, social, safe community. The average Agape high school senior has been enrolled at Agape for 11 years, offering a remarkable opportunity to influence behavior and perspective. The non-profit’s annual Holiday Gift Store fills the gap when families are unable to make holiday wishes come true for their children. Its goal this year is to provide over 2,000 new toys and 600 new coats and winter accessories to underserved families.

“This holiday season, we’ve been overwhelmed with love and support from our neighbors who, just like us, want to see children placed in the best position to succeed. When Global Community Connections approached us for this generous donation, we were beyond excited,” shares Nell Benn, Chief Executive Officer at Agape. “Dylan and Noah are driven young men who have the ability to inspire the next generation with their noble cause. We look forward to working with them in 2024 and introducing them to our students.


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