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Atlanta High School Entrepreneurs Benz and Popo Are Empowering Teens Globally

Young entrepreneur Noah Benz is making waves with his groundbreaking initiative, Global Community Connections.

As a high schooler, Noah has already achieved remarkable milestones, from starting his first business at the age of 12 to publishing a book at age 16. Now, he’s on a mission to empower high school students worldwide.

Noah, along with his co-founder Dylan Popo, recognized a critical gap in the education system: the lack of awareness among teens about the vast opportunities that await them after high school. Many students are unaware of potential career paths, charitable opportunities, and the importance of strategic thinking for their future.

“Dylan and I believe that by helping teenagers discover their passions early and connecting them to business and entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as charity work, we can boost their self-confidence, awareness, and ability to make informed choices about their future,” said Benz.

Their vision is to incorporate Business 101 Classes for Teens into 11th and 12th-grade school curricula, providing inspirational stories and real-life examples. Noah and Dylan, both still high schoolers themselves, aim to inspire young people to dream big and work hard.

Popo himself shared his perspective, saying, “Our dream was to write and publish a book that will help teens learn more about business, potential careers, leadership, and share inspirational stories and traits for success. Seeing that come to fruition is extremely fulfilling.”

The book, titled “Unlocking Potential: A Teen’s Guide to Leadership and Business,” offers valuable insights for young minds, with 30 percent of its profits dedicated to supporting charitable causes.

Their initiatives extend beyond the book, with the establishment of Global Community Connections, an all-in-one educational portal designed to be accessible worldwide, bridging continents and providing free business classes for teens and youth. They also aim to create a SchoolXConnect-like platform for schools and summer camps, distribute their co-authored book to schools and communities at no cost, and collaborate with corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, and charities to offer mentorship and knowledge sharing workshops.

One of their most innovative initiatives is the planned future development of a model VR tool using AI and the latest technology to provide virtual library and business tours globally. This tool will offer free virtual learning experiences to kids and adults, including those in remote areas.

Noah and Dylan are passionate about supporting mental health and combating teen suicides by encouraging curiosity, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams.


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